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From business disputes to personal troubles, dealing with legal problems is stressful. Experienced trial lawyer Charles Kohler helps you confront the issue and find the right strategies and solutions.

Charles A. Kohler, Attorney At Law

Deep Roots In Real Estate

Charles Kohler learned the industry as a real estate agent, selling undeveloped land to people with dreams. As a real estate attorney, he helps homebuyers, landlords, developers, condo associations and others protect their investments in transactions, disputes, foreclosure and evictions. As an agent for Old Republic Title Insurance, Mr. Kohler is equipped to guide clients confidently through all facets of residential and commercial closings.

A Proven Trial Lawyer Protecting You

Whether you are initiating legal action or defending against some threat, you want assurance that your attorney can back you up and protect your interests. Charles Kohler has litigated dozens of cases to jury verdict. That 15 years of courtroom experience and winning reputation also pays dividends at the negotiating table.

From family law and civil litigation to criminal defense and commercial disputes, he strives to deliver affordable and effective representation, no matter how complex the legal conflict.

Honest Counsel For Informed Decisions