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A divorce or criminal charges can have immediate and long-term impacts on your life. These are legal issues, meaning they involve the courts, yet they are deeply personal.

The law firm of Charles A. Kohler, Attorney at Law, works to protect your rights, your financial interests and your privacy when facing personal legal matters. Call 904-586-3007 to arrange a consultation.

Skilled Criminal Defense In Brevard County

Being arrested and charged with a crime is serious and scary. But you have specific rights and defenses under the law. Charles Kohler provides experienced, aggressive representation for any criminal allegations:

  • DUI or reckless driving
  • Drug possession or other drug crimes
  • Assault or domestic violence
  • Theft or burglary
  • Fraud or embezzlement
  • Major felony offenses
  • Probation violations

A misdemeanor conviction can result in jail, fines and a criminal record that hampers future employment. A felony conviction could mean prison time, loss of gun rights and other consequences. Mr. Kohler will explore every defense to get the charges dismissed or reduced, or to minimize the penalties. He is a skilled trial lawyer who is prepared to defend you before a judge or jury if necessary.

Advocacy For Divorce And Family Law

Getting divorced is more than untying the knots of marriage. Your finances are also intertwined, and if you have children, you will still have to work together as co-parents.

Charles Kohler will fiercely protect your parental rights and financial interests while helping you focus on the big picture and practical solutions. He will help you create a vision and strategies regarding division of assets and debts, terms of child custody and parenting time, appropriate child support and (if applicable) alimony, and other considerations.

Broad Experience In Civil Litigation

Mr. Kohler can capably represent you in nearly any civil matter, whether you are initiating legal action or defending against, including:

Every effort is made to resolve conflicts out of court, but Charles Kohler is a veteran litigator who can hold his own at trial if it comes to that.

Experience Matters In Personal Legal Matters

Find out what Charles A. Kohler, Attorney at Law, can do to protect your rights and interests. Mr. Kohler will always keep your matter confidential and give you his honest legal opinion and best professional effort.

This firm serves the Space Coast and surrounding communities throughout Brevard County. To schedule a consultation, call the Satellite Beach law office at 904-586-3007 or contact the firm online.